Prison Phone Justice: Answer the Call
Now is the time to mobilize for fair phone rates for those behind bars and their loved ones! This is a critical moment to push back on prison profiteers and ensure the communication rights of those incarcerated. We need your knowledge and experience.
Zip code
Prison Phone Provider(s)
Facility and state where the prisoner caller is located:
Have you had multiple dropped calls? Y/N
Have you had to pay additional fees for these dropped calls? Y/N
What has happened?
Have you been charged for closing your account? Y/N
What happened?
Have you had the funds in your account seized due to inactivity? Y/N
Have you been charged fees to pay for prison and jail phone calls? Y/N
Have you been charged fees to set up an account to pay for prison and jail calls? Y/N
Tell us other ways you have lost funds due to actions by the prison telecom companies?
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