Data Rescue RTP
Date: June 10 & 11
Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Where: National Humanities Center, 7 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2256
Contact us at
PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP! Lunch will be provided.
Volunteer Information
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Choose a Role or a Team
There are many ways you can choose to help at DataRescue RTP. Some require advanced technical skills (Researcher, Harvester, Bagger and Describer), but most of them do not (Surveyor, Seeder/Sorter, Documenter/Storyteller, and Event Helper). Please review the list below and decide which role(s) you would like to perform.
For Volunteers with Basic or No Technical Skills
Based on your skill level, please choose the team you wish to volunteer for.

--Do you have moderate or in-depth knowledge of any Federal Agencies and/or their datasets? OR
--Can you surf the net? Do you like to write?
If you answered yes, consider being a surveyor. Surveyors write guides (or PRIMERS) that identify and locate Agency and sub-Agency websites and datasets. Primers are the first crucial step in the entire DataRescue process. Training provided.

--Are you good at writing? Do you like talking to people? Do you use social media?
If so, consider joining the Documentary/Storytelling Team: You will be interviewing volunteers, and help us promote the DataRescue initiative live via social media, as well as recording interviews and writing stories. Training provided.

If you can surf the web, then you can be a seeder/sorter. Seeder/Sorters determine which websites can be archived and which need to be sent to the Advanced Technical Skills group. Training provided.

--Don't want to sit at a computer, but still want to help?
Be an Event Helper. We need volunteers to help set-up, run the registration table and aid in coordinating other tasks to keep the DataRescue running smoothly.

Basic or No Technical Skills
For Volunteers with Advanced Technical and/or Archiving Skills
We need volunteers with advanced technical and/or archiving skills to perform roles in the DataRescue Team to save the data that can't be scraped by the web crawler. Use the brief descriptions below to help you decide what role best fits your talents. For more detailed information, see the documentation here: Team Leaders will be on hand to provide guidance for each role.

--Do you like to do research or find out more about things? Do you have some front end web experience?
Try being a researcher. Researchers review URLs the Seeders and Sorters mark as “Uncrawlable”.

--Do you have coding experience? Are you a hacker?
Consider being a Harvester. Harvesters figure out how to capture "uncrawlable" data--the data that can't be saved by the Internet Archive. This is a complex task which can require substantial technical expertise and also requires different techniques for different tasks. Previous work with scientific data is a plus.

--Do you have previous data or web archiving experience OR strong tech skills and attention to detail?
As a Checker/Bagger you will need to inspect the harvested dataset and make sure that it is complete. Checkers/Baggers will have to package the data into a bagit file (or “bag”), which includes basic technical metadata, and upload it to the final DataRefuge destination.

--Do you have experience working with scientific data or with creating metadata?
Consider being a Describer. Describers create a descriptive record in the DataRefuge CKAN repository for each bag. Then they link the record to the bag and make the record public.Trained librarians and scientists will be very helpful on this path.

Advanced Technical and/or Archiving Skills
Please tell us why that role fits you best and list any specific skill sets.
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What days will you attend?
PLEASE NOTE: Researching and Harvesting will only occur on June 10; Checking and Bagging will only occur on June 11. We will be capping total participants to 100 volunteers for each day. Volunteers can register for both days.
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Team Leaders Needed!
Teal leaders are in charge of coordinating and guiding their team the day of the event. Team leaders will also meet with the organizers on Monday June 5th at 6:00pm before the event to receive training and learn about the event workflow and logistics.
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Thanks for Registering for DataRescue RTP!
If you have any questions please contact us at
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