Nashotah House - Repair request

Please consider the following options **** If you have a medical, fire or police emergency - CALL 911 and follow their instructions. ****GAS and ELECTRICAL EMERGENCIES - If you smell gas or hear a blowing or hissing noise, leave your home and call from a neighbors home: WE - Energies Outages and emergencies Call 24 hours a day Electrical emergencies, power outages ----- 800-662-4797 Gas leak, odor or emergency ----- 800-261-5325 Once you have contacted WE - Energies, please contact maintenance and complete this form so that they have a record of the issue *****URGENT Maintenance requests - Repairs that are urgent are those things which are causing impending harm to person or property; some service of the property that is essential to health and/or safety. i.e. - If you have: flooding, lack of heat in cold weather, etc. *****Call Maintenance at 262-646-6528***** The number for the person on duty will be given if there is no one in the office. Regular Maintenance Requests: Please provide all requested information so that you can be quickly and properly served.
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Thank you for making Maintenance aware of this issue.

Please allow 2 to 3 full work days to respond or repair all non urgent issues. Please call if there are any others concerns with this request or if the issue becomes urgent.

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