Nakkertok Consent to Terms and Conditions of Athlete Transportation 2015-2016
The following forms must be completed by athletes and their guardians. They are expected to be completed at the time of registration. If you are unsure of what you have completed, please contact the parent representative for your specific program.

Nakkertok’s mandate as a Nordic ski club includes the organization of ski race trips and training camps. As part of the trip planning process, Nakkertok volunteers often arrange for the transportation of athletes in vehicles belonging to parents and coaches, and/or in rental vehicles.

Nakkertok Trip Requirements and Guidelines – Transportation Safety Responsibilities
The Nakkertok Trip Requirements and Guidelines contain the following provisions in regard to the transportation of athletes.
It is the responsibility of parents who are providing their vehicle for the use of team trips to ensure their vehicle meets the following safety and insurance standards:
1 - Vehicles must be equipped with winter tires;
2 - Vehicles and drivers must be insured;
3 - Vehicles must be in good working order suitable for winter driving conditions.

These transport safety requirements must be followed during trip travel:
o seat belts must be worn
o frequent breaks (every 2 -3 hours) should be taken to prevent fatigue
o no use of cellular phones when driving
o drivers respect speed limits and reduce speed in snowy conditions
o drivers are to have no alcohol in their system
o have 1 or 2 spare adult drivers available on each trip to take over the driving if required
o be aware of hazardous road conditions and be willing to change plans and routes as required.

Team equipment and luggage are to be transported by a rental transport van equipped with a metal wall between the cargo section and the passenger section to ensure driver and passenger safety. Passenger vans and transport vans rented for trips outside Quebec ordinarily do not come equipped with winter tires, so athletes will be driven in rental vans equipped with all-season tires. If rental vehicles are used, only the insured driver designated in the rental contract may drive the vehicle, and a copy of driver’s licence and proof of insurance coverage is required from the rental vehicle driver. The trip coordinator must obtain verbal confirmation from parents driving rental vehicles that they are properly licensed and insured.

Athletes must not transport other athletes during race trips unless ALL individuals in the vehicle, including the driver, are 18 years of age or older.

Transportation Risks
Nakkertok and the club’s volunteers do not test or verify the driving calibre or aptitude of the drivers and do not verify the maintenance history or condition of the vehicles used for Nakkertok trips. Parents and athletes cannot rely on Nakkertok or the volunteers involved in the organization of ski trips and training camps to verify vehicle safety or driver competence. Rental vans used for trips outside Quebec may not be equipped with winter tires.

Nakkertok can not guarantee which driver will be driving particular athletes on a given trip, as it is often necessary to have athletes travel with different drivers during the course of a trip so that athletes can be transported to and from the race site in accordance with their particular racing schedules.

Borrowing Vehicles
Private vehicles belonging to parents who are not accompanying the athletes on the trip may be used for the trip and driven by a volunteer adult accompanying the group. Both the parent lending the vehicle and the volunteer driving the vehicle must understand and agree that this is an entirely private arrangement between them, that Nakkertok will not be responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle borrowed for use during a Nakkertok trip, and that they will not involve the club in any related disputes between them. Nakkertok will not pay for the cost of repairs to private vehicles used on trips.

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