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Family/Community Engagement Survey HB5 - 2016-2017
Texas Education Code §39.0545, as added by House Bill 5, 83rd Texas Legislature, requires all districts to evaluate the district’s performance and the performance of each campus in community and student engagement. All school districts and charters are required to assign a performance rating of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, or Unacceptable to the district and each campus. Below are questions for each category required for rating. SISD values your input and would appreciate feedback through this survey.
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1. I am completing this survey at the following campus: *
2. The campus allows me to share feedback on school activities.
3. I am satisfied with communication between campus staff and myself.
4. Overall, I am satisfied with parent involvement at this campus.
5. Teachers at this campus use technology in the classrooms.
6. Technology courses are offered to students at this campus.
7. Campus technology resources are available to parents.
8. Overall, I am satisfied with the use of technology at this campus.
9. This school allows students to participate in fine arts classes.
10. This school allows students to participate in fine arts related field trips and contests.
11. Overall, I am satisfied with the fine arts program at my child's campus.
12. This campus provides wellness and PE classes.
13. I am satisfied with equipment provided for PE classes.
14. This campus tells me about the wellness and PE events involving my child.
15. Overall, I am satisfied with the PE program at this campus.
16. This campus offers English as a Second Language (ESL) services.
17. This campus provides instructional materials and resources to meet the needs of English Language Learners.
18. Overall, I am satisfied with the language support at this campus.
19. Is your child involved in the Gifted and Talented program?
If you answered "no" or "not applicable" to the Gifted and Talented question above, please skip to the District Questions Section.
20. This campus helps gifted and talented students meet performance goals.
21. I am satisfied with the communication from this campus regarding the Gifted and Talented program.
22. I am satisfied with the gifted and talented program at this campus.
23. This is a high quality district with good schools.
24. This district has high standards for student academic success.
25. I trust the District Administration.
25. I trust the school board.
26. The district employs teachers who are committed to student success.
Child Nutrition
27. How often do you/your student eat the cafeteria food?
28. In general, how would you describe the taste of the cafeteria food?
29. In general, how healthy do you think the cafeteria food is?
30. Do you feel you/your student has enough time to buy and eat your lunch?
31. Is there enough variety in each week's menu?
32. Please rate the personnel staff service
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