MSH Sponsor Application
Completing the Sponsor Application is Step 1. Once you receive an email from MSH approving your application and confirming your sponsorship level, you will need to pay for your sponsorship to reserve your ad spot and complete the application process.
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Briefly describe your business.
Ex: restaurant/ artisan- selling jewelry/ online boutique-- selling clothes & accessories. We prefer to partner with local small businesses in and around the Taylor County area.
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Please choose your sponsorship level. *
I have read the Sponsor Package information and understand & agree to the components of each level of sponsorship.
For Gold & Sliver level sponsors only
If Selecting Gold or Silver level, I would like to bring flyers/business cards to be displayed at the sale.
I understand that printing, delivery and pick up of unused flyers is my responsibility.
If selecting Gold level, I would like to bring a business sign to be displayed at the sale.
I understand that printing, delivery and pick up of the sign is my responsibility.
Ads will be printed on the back of the first 1,000 shopper receipts.
How would you like your ad created?
Sponsor Giveaway Contest: One winner will be announced per day on social media.
I would like to donate one or more giveaway items for the sponsor giveaway contest, and I understand that this will add one additional instagram and facebook mention.
If yes, please let us know what you plan to donate.
Giveaways are generally valued at $25-$50
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Social Media Marketing
Would you like My Sister's House to select photos from your website, Instagram or Facebook pages and create content to be used for social media marketing?
If possible, we try to make sponsor ads personal and speak to what we love about the business, service, staff, etc. Example below.
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Please let us know if there are any special promotions or sales you would like us to highlight in our social media marketing.
If yes, please also include the dates of your sale or promotion so we can post during that time.
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Once I receive an email approving my application and confirming my sponsorship level, I agree to pay within 1 week to reserve my ad space.
Due: $100 for bronze, $125 for silver level and $175 for gold level sponsorship
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