2016-2017 Fitzgerald Public Schools - Parent Satisfaction Survey
1. Administrators and staff at my child’s school take actions to ensure his/her safety.
2. The academic program meets the individual academic needs of my child.
3. The teacher provides class schoolwork that is interesting to my child.
4. My child has access to support services (academic - interventions, personal - social).
5. My child has regular access to technology (computers, internet).
6. My child has opportunities to participate in meaningful extracurricular activities (student council, sports, drama).
7. The parent organization at my child’s school is organized and welcoming (PTO, PTA).
8. My child’s school teaches him/her to respect other members of the school community.
9. My child’s school teaches me how to help my child be successful.
10. My child’s school celebrates its students’ good behavior and academic performance.
11. I would highly recommend this school to other parents for their children.
12. My child’s school asks parents for input in important school decision-making.
13. My child’s school has established partnerships with the surrounding community that improves my child’s school experiences.
14. My child’s teachers communicate with me about my child’s academic progress.
15. Administrators communicate with me about important school policies and events.
16. Administrators are highly visible throughout the school.
17. School administrators help parents understand how resources are allocated.
18. For parents of elementary and middle school students only: Have you received a copy of your child’s school’s Title I Parent Involvement Plan?
19. Have you been offered suggestions as to how to help and support your child’s learning (e.g. attendance, T.V. use, internet safety, homework completion, etc.)?
20. Have you been asked to serve on any school committees to discuss school improvement/accountability?
21. I believe that teachers should be supported by highly qualified content/instructional coaches/experts that not only provide modeling and critical training options for staff, but also work alongside teachers in the classroom and provide valuable feedback on the use of teaching and learning strategies and student access to district curriculum.
22. I believe that preschool children should attend a high quality preschool program and that this programming is vital to children’s learning as they enter kindergarten.
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