EReserves Request

Please submit this request to place copyrighted materials in the ERes system. At this time we are limited to printed materials.
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EReserves Guidelines

1. The form must be completed with all information filled out. 2. Give detailed information on the availability/location of the material to be uploaded. Contact will be made if needed. 3. The form must be completed every semester with course and section numbers. 4. For in-print titles, no more than a single part (chapter), or a maximum of 5% of work, whichever is smaller, will be scanned for e-reserves. Percentages are based upon the total number of pages in the volume. 5. No more than 10% of an out-of-print book can be accepted for e-reserves. Percentages are based upon the total number of pages in the volume. 6. Original student work must include a permission release form signed by the author(s). 7. Instructors will be notified via email when reserve materials are available for use. Allow a minimum of one week for material to be available. 8. Instructors are responsible for acquiring needed use permissions beyond those provided by the Fair Use Provision of the United States Copyright Act. The Library reserves the right to refuse materials that, in its judgment, would violate copyright. Disclaimer: The electronic copying and scanning of copyright-protected works for library reserve service are unsettled areas of the law which may be addressed by the courts or in future revisions of the copyright law. The Goodstein Foundation Library will monitor legal developments, which may affect the fair use analysis of electronic reserves service, to ensure that library services are in compliance with the letter and spirit of United States Copyright Law.

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