Senate Application 2017/2018
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Why would you like to take part in the 2017-18 HCDSB Student Senate? Do you have any goals? *
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The Student Senate requires commitment in order to be a success. There are 8 meetings throughout the year, as well senators will be expected to meet monthly in their own schools. Are you willing and able to commit to this? *
During the week, what is your busiest day in terms of other commitments *
What is one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses? *
What's the one accomplishment you're most proud of? Why? *
What experiences &/or leadership roles do you have (in school or larger community) that would be beneficial to the Senate? *
Why would you like to take part in the 2017/2018 HCDSB Student Senate? Do you have any goals? *
Are you a returning Senator? If so, what did you contribute to Student Senate last year? *
What are your current leadership roles within your school/community? *
The role of the Student Senate is to bring ideas to help raise awareness to the initiatives the Board takes on. What strengths do you bring? *
What are some ideas/events that you would like to see the Senate intiatie next year? *
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