Senior Project Proposal
Senior Project is an opportunity for you to explore an interest or passion in a manner that allows for deeper meaning or understanding that might not otherwise be permitted in a traditional classroom setting. The spirit of Senior Project is to encourage a self-directed curriculum that empowers you and fosters inquiry and intellectual risk. This form will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal to ensure it meets requirements. Acceptance of the Senior Project proposal is a prerequisite for enrollment.
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Write a title and one-sentence description of your project: *
Think movie title and catch phrase or think in terms of headlines of a news story. Examples - “Safe and Sound: Designing and building safe and strong playgrounds in undeveloped neighborhoods." “The Mire, Muck, and Modernization of Lake Patzcuaro: A close study of the environmental and cultural impacts upon an endangered lake.” "Team Bonding: The relationship between team cohesiveness and performance."
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Describe any background and prior knowledge you have with this topic. Or, explain why you are interested in this completely new topic.
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What is the scope (arc, size) of your project? How much can you really do in 19 weeks? What are some challenges?
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In-house Mentor
Who will you ask for help within MVRHS?
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Outside Mentor
Who, outside MVRHS, will you turn to for guidance with your project? Even if you haven't contacted them yet, who knows the most about your project and could help?
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Faculty Endorsement *
Please provide the name of an MVRHS faculty member who will vouch for your future success in senior project.
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In about 400 words, describe the purpose of the project, state the question or problem you are trying to solve. Explain how this project is original and its educational significance. *
You can also explain how this project was conceived and deeper understanding you are hoping to gain from this experience.
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What commitments do you have during the 2nd semester?
Please be specific. Include plans for travel, sports, theater, musical groups, etc.
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How will you know your success? What will it look like? What is the tangible product of your work?
Be as specific as possible.
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