PIN.  (It is NOT recommended you wait to change this password)

Go to: to login.

At first you may get a message that there is a problem with this website’s security

certificate. Please click on Continue or Proceed to the website.

Now you have reached this point.

  1. USER ID: Enter your extension number.
  2. PASSWORD: Enter your supplied password for first time login.
  3. Click LOGIN

  1. You will be welcomed by your phone list..
  2. Select: General Settings across the top.

  1. Client/Portal Password is: Default password supplied for this web log in. (This must be changed).
  2. New Password: This is the password for this Cisco website login
  3. Confirm your new Password.

  1. Phone Services PIN (for roaming users like high school teachers): This is the default password supplied for the phone log in. (This must be changed).
  2. New Phone PIN: This is the PIN you are using when logging in to your CISCO phone.
  3. Confirm your PIN.
  4. Click SAVE

You may now log out of this webpage. Your phone should be set to log in with your extension and new password you have set. This does not affect your voicemail password this is setup on the phone when accessing voicemail through the “messages” button.

Cisco IP Phones

Logging In:

  1. You must log in to a phone before using. No phone is set-up automatically for your extension. (EVER)
  2. Keep the handset in the cradle when logging in.
  3. Press: SERVICES button.
  4. Select: 1 Extension Mobility
  5. Enter:
  1. User ID: your extension (after entering User ID hit the toggle button to go to PIN)
  2. PIN: first time pin is 142536 (This must be changed immediately)

Your login will last for 8 hours. After 8 hours you will automatically be logged out.

Setting up Voicemail: (One Time Set-up)

You must set up your voice-mail after logging in. You must set up your voicemail to be

registered in the directory.

  1. Press: MESSAGES button
  2. You will be prompted to enter your PIN. Use the PIN you have been provided.. (You will be prompted to immediately change it to your personal 5 digit PIN.)
  3. You will be led thru an automated self enrollment process. You must record your name, but you do not have to record a message. If you do not record a message, the default message of “Sorry, YOUR RECORDED NAME, is unavailable, record your message at the tone”. You may record a personalized message and set it as your greeting.

To Retrieve your Voicemail:

You may retrieve your voicemail from any phone. To retrieve your voicemail:

  1. You must be logged into the phone you are using to retrieve your voicemail.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will know if you have messages if the light on the handset is red. If you have a message, select the MESSAGES button.
  3. Enter your voicemail password.
  4. You will then be led through options that allow you to access your messages.

To Place an Internal Call:

You may place an internal call by:

  1. Picking up the handset and dialing the 4 digit extension.
  2. Dialing the extension on the keypad and pressing the button under DIAL on the display screen.
  3. You may also select the “directories” button and select “Corporate Directory” from the list.  Then you can perform a name search for the person you are looking for.

To Place a Local Outside Call:

You may place a local outside call by:

  1. Picking up the handset and dialing * (star) and then the local phone number.
  2. Dialing * (star) and then the local phone number and pressing the button under Dial on the display screen.

To Transfer a Call:

  1. Once you are on a call, you can transfer this call to another extension. There will be a TRANSFER option on the screen once you are on the call. Hit the button under the TRANSFER option and then dial the 4 digit extension you are transferring the call to.