Institute of Computer Sscience UPDF/POLICE/PRISONS ICT Training Course Evaluation
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Key: 7-excellent; 6-Very Good, 5-Good, 4- Fairly Good, 3- Satisfactory, 2- Unsatisfactory, 1- Poor.
Please rate your instructor in the following areas *
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Very Good
The Instructor is competent in the required skills and knowledgeable on the topic
The Instructor Speaks clearly and communicates persuasively
The Instructor Listens and responds well to questions
The Instructor's ability to make the class interesting is
The Instructor establishes and maintains effective relations
The Instructor's ability to teach using a variety of different methods is
The Instructor uses time efficiently
The Instructor's ability to display commitment to excellence is
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Not Applicable
Quizzes/Class exercises
Lab Practicals
What are your thoughts on the following areas? *
Some of the time
Most of the time
I really had to think in order to do well in this class.
Classroom rules and prcedures were consistently enforced.
We did something new everyday.
I always looked forward to coming to the next class
What are your thoughts on the following areas? *
The ICS QA team would want to know your take on Package coverage, Package relevance, Package conception and the Package Delivery environment
Very Confident
Not Sure
I am confident that we covered the whole package sylabus and i am satisfied with what we learnt
I understood the package content and its relevance to my field of expertise
I am confident that i conceptualised the package material up to 90% of the taught content
The package was delivered in a condusive environment with all the necessary equipment and space to facilitate effective learning
Please rate the final Package Examination/Test/Assessment *
The ICS QA team is interested in knowing whether the final package examination/test was appropriate and convered all the studied areas of the package
Not Sure
The Final Package Examination/Test/Assessment was
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