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What is Minnetonka Research?
A dedicated research experience for highly advanced high school students interested in authentic research.

The program provides students the opportunity to pursue authentic research driven by their own questions and interests. It connects students with leaders in academia and industry to inspire and guide them as they develop 21st Century Skills (communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration). In doing so, Minnetonka Research prepares students for full engagement in college courses and leading-edge careers in fields of inquiry.

This on-site lab opportunity, unique to any area high school, connects accelerated students with industry partners and Ph.D. level mentors with expertise in the student’s area of research during the school year.

Through the Minnetonka Research program, students have the opportunity to ask questions that matter to them. They collaborate with industry partners and connect with university mentors.

How can you get involved?

As you know, networking is an important skill. As the Minnetonka Research program continues to grow, we are working on creating a database of professionals who may be interested in serving as a mentor, or volunteering time in other ways.

By completing this survey, you are not committing to anything. The information collected will give us information to match with you potential future opportunities and student projects. Please forward this form on to others you think may be interested in becoming involved.

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In what ways are you willing to support Minnetonka Research students? Please check all that apply
Not at this time, but possibly in the future
Serve as a Mentor
Review Project Proposals and provide feedback
Review Draft Research Papers and provide feedback
Review draft posters
Speak to research students about skills such as communication, project management, etc
Host students to present their work to a few of your colleagues at your place of employment
Host a lab tour to a small or large group of students
Participate on a Scientific Review Committee or Institutional Review Board to approve project proposals
Students who choose to enter their work into a competition generally need to select one of the following categories. Please select the areas you feel qualified to provide feedback and assistance as students develop a research question, write a proposal, design methods and analyze results. Please select all that apply to your background.
As a professional researcher/scientist, what skills do you feel are important for us to develop within our students?
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