Adolescents and Emergency Contraceptive Pills
Les versions en français et en espagnol sont aussi disponibles.
Las versiones en francés y en castellano están también disponibles.

Dear Colleagues:

We receive frequent queries about adolescents and emergency contraception. Specifically, do adolescent women have access to emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs)? Do adolescent women face barriers – such as policy or other restrictions, mandatory counseling, a prescription requirement, or stigma – that might be affecting their access?

We are turning to you for your help! Please help us out by answering this SHORT survey (approximately 15 minutes or less) regarding adolescents' access to ECPs in your country. The first part of the survey refers specifically to levonorgestrel-alone ECPs, which you may know under the brand names Postinor, NorLevo, Plan B, Pregnon, etc (there are hundreds of manufacturers and brand names). A separate section follows for ulipristal acetate ECPs (ella or ellaOne). There are also brief questions on ECP access in general and in humanitarian settings. We are particularly looking for responses from outside of the US.

French and Spanish versions will be sent separately. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah McKee (

We will compile the results and share them with you, and use them to update the country information in our website.


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*Note : If you wish to provide answers for more than one country, please submit a separate response for each country. Simply re-open the survey and start again for the next country.
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