Chess Club
Frelinghuysen Middle School

Chess Club Meeting Dates will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Dec. 18, 20
Jan. 3, 8,10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31
Feb. 5, 7, 12

Chess Code of Conduct
I hereby request the privilege of being in the chess club. As a member of the chess club, I agree to adhere to the conditions below in order to participate in the club.

I will safeguard and properly care for all equipment issued to me. I understand that I am financially responsible for this equipment.
I will adhere to the eligibility standards as established by the Morris School District. I will maintain an academic record that meets the grade level requirements of FMS as determined by the principle.
I will follow the clubs rules of conduct and schedule established. I will follow the discipline and attendance code established by the middle school administration and approved by the Board of Education.
I will always demonstrate good sportsmanship in and out of the club.
I will conduct myself in the appropriate manner when I am a spectator. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in suspension from the club. Repeated violations could result in termination from the club.
I understand that hazing will not be tolerated, whether it is physical, verbal or sexual. Termination from the club will result immediately.
I understand that I may not participate in any scheduled meeting during the period of any school suspension.

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