MRN 3T Scan Credit Request Form
Please complete this request form to add scan credits to a funding PI Account for the MRN 3T MRI scanner. Scan credits are issued in 30 minute increments. Scan credits can be requested at any time during the month. Scan credits must be purchased before scheduling time on the 3T MR real time calendar. 3T credit requests will be filled daily by 10:00am in the order they were received. Any credit request made after 10:00am will not be added to your account until the next business day.

Scan credits expire 30 days after the effective date. You will be billed for all used and expired scan credits. In addition, MRI scans canceled within 72 hours or less of the scheduled time will be billed in full unless another project is able to use the reserved time.

Please enter your contact name and email address at the beginning of this request form. This information will be used to contact you if we have any questions about your request.

For questions about scan credits/billing, please contact Research Operations at
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