Unconscious Bias

At FIRST Robotics Australia we are committed to making our events and programs exciting, engaging, inclusive and welcoming for everyone. At the Australian Regional, we will have a very diverse group of participants and we want to ensure they have a fantastic experience and feel welcome and included in everything that we do. To help us make this the best event it can be for everyone attending we want to shine a light on unconscious bias and help us be the best we can be in our volunteering.

Help us to make this the best regional for everyone.

    Making the unconscious conscious

    Please watch the following video to better understand unconscious bias.

    Take the Test!

    We all have unconscious bias. Please go here: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html and take an implicit bias test to better understand your biases. We recommend the Gender-Science test, but any of them will work.