⚙ Gear Heads ⚙ Tech Team Interest Form
Hey there! You've stumbled upon something that is so awesome, you just don't know how awesome yet. You don't have to be a tech expert (techxpert) to join the team, but a willingness to learn is crucial. Filling out this form is not a commitment, it's just an interest form. It will take you about 5 minutes.

If you express your interest on this form, that means that I can know who you are and we can look at planning for the tech team for Fall 2017.

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What grade will you be in NEXT year (Fall 2017) ? *
I am interested in using time next year to be a student assistant for the Gear Heads ⚙ Tech Team (possibly STARS time) *
On a scale from 0 to Ninja, what are your overall tech skills? * *
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Would you be interested in helping with Chromebook upkeep ? *
(Helping with Loaner Check Out / Check In, Loaner Cart preservation, tracking down Chromebooks, etc.)
What is your comfort level with the following situations *
Very uncomfortable
Somewhat uncomfortable, but willing to work on it
Comfortable, but practice makes me better
Very Comfortable! Why can't we all be friends?
Working with my peers at school
Working with teachers or other adults
Giving instructions / lessons about technology
Following directions from an adult I don't know
Flexibility in changing plans or ideas
I would be willing to meet after school once every other week or so *
If your best friends had to create a slogan or personal motto for you, what would it say? *
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What do you think is the most important thing when teaching someone a new concept or idea? Why do you think that? *
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