Non-MPS Account Creation - Approval Form*
Network access is available for a Non-Minneapolis Public School employee who wish to connect to the MPS network for official, school-related work. This access is for one year only and must be renewed annually.

If you are Requesting an Non-MPS Account please fully fill out the information out below.

If you are the Supervisor for the below requestor for the Non-MPS please read all the information below make sure it is correct then click the next button and select that you are the Supervisor.

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I understand that I must maintain software license(s) as long as I have access to the MPS network. I verify that I will use my access to the Minneapolis Public Schools internal network only for official school-related work, which I will abide by all relevant law and Minneapolis Public School policies pertaining to the access and use of student information. If I use it for other purposes or allow others to use it; my access will be terminated.
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