New Orleans Scholars Program Application
To be eligible to apply to the New Orleans Scholars Program, you must be a current sophomore in good academic standing.

If you are selected to participate in the program you will be scheduled to meet during 6th period throughout junior and senior year. You will be expected to independently work and collaborate on semester long projects such as producing a publicly aired radio program.

The deadline to apply is Friday, April 28.

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Academic Interests *
Lists your academic interests including favorite subject(s) and/or areas of study in school
Activities *
List your extracurricular activities, volunteer, and work activities in their order of importance to you
Who is your adviser? *
You will be scheduled for an interview to discuss your interest in the program. You should be prepared to discuss the following questions:

Tell me about yourself...

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What do you know about the New Orleans Scholars Program?

Why did you choose to apply to the program?

What do you believe your greatest challenge will be if you are accepted into this program?

How would your teachers describe you?

Are you planning on taking Honors or AP courses next year? If so, which ones?

How will you be able to make a contribution to the program?

The program requires you to work independently and outside of regularly scheduled meeting times (for example, going to an art exhibit or interviewing an individual after school or during the weekend. Are there extra curricular activities or circumstances that would prevent you from accomplishing your duties to the semester-long projects?

Provide an example of how you connected classroom learning with the real world?

What excites you most about producing a radio segment about New Orleans?

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