Plow Ops Research
We appreciate your feedback to help professionals like yourself improve safety & efficiency during winter operations. For more information on Plow Ops, please visit:
How many plows do you typically have in the field during inclement weather?
Do you outsource plowing activities to 3rd party contractors?
How do you currently communicate with plow drivers in the field?
How important is it to keep track of all communication and directives to and from plow drivers?
How important is “Plow Driver Status” information? (i.e. driver hours of service, plowing vs. idle status and real-time location)
How important is “Plow Route Status” information? (i.e. priority of routes and percentage of routes completed)
How important is “Plow Driver Observational Reporting”? (i.e. reporting critical incidents, road conditions and weather conditions)
How are you currently communicating plowing status to the public?
How often do you update traveler information to the public?
How important is improving public safety during inclement weather in 2017?
Are you interested in learning more about how Plow Ops can help you improve safety & efficiency?
If answered yes above and are interested in learning more, please provide us your email address:
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