Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund Letter of Intent (LOI) Form
*** THE LETTER OF INTENT DEADLINE FOR THIS ROUND HAS PASSED. Please contact your local Mozilla contact to discuss project eligibility. ***

Letters of Intent (LOI) are a REQUIRED FIRST STEP FOR ALL Gigabit Community Fund project proposals.

The local portfolio lead for your city will provide feedback on the content of your LOI to help you shape your project idea. They will also advise you on whether or not you should submit a full proposal.

THIS IS NOT A FINAL SUBMISSION. You need not present a polished pitch; instead, please use this form to brainstorm and then refine your project idea in collaboration with your local portfolio manager. You will have an opportunity to adjust your proposal based on staff feedback.

Please submit your Intent to Apply form well before July 5, 2017 in order to receive timely feedback for the August 1, 2017 final proposal submission deadline. The earlier you submit this form, the more likely you will receive support.

SUCCESSFUL LOI SUBMISSIONS will receive an email invitation to submit a complete, final application to the Gigabit Community Fund on or before Friday July 15, 2017. Final proposal submissions will be facilitated on the Fluxx application submission platform.

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Your Email
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Lead Organization
Which organization will lead this project? That may not be you or your organization, but they will submit the final proposal and you should be in contact and collaborating with the lead organization.
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Lead Organization Type
Lead Gigabit City
What is the home city of the organization leading this proposal concept? Proposals must be lead by organizations who are based out of a Gigabit City listed below.
Project Type
Your project will either focus on your local gigabit ecosystem ($5-15K) or in spreading your concept between gigabit multiple cities to develop a national ecosystem ($10-30K). Only Austin, Eugene and Lafayette are eligible for local project funding. All gigabit cities are eligible for multi-city project funding.
Project Pitch
Create a tweet-length [140 character] description of your project idea.
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Project Description
Describe your project idea. How does it address a community need? What are the outcomes? How will you know you've achieved them?
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Project Team
Who are your collaborators? What organizations or individuals are involved in this project already? What kind of partners do you still need to find? How can Mozilla help you find these partners?
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Pilot Implementation
Describe where and how your project will be piloted in a classroom or other learning environment. If you need help finding a pilot location, let us know.
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Gigabit Innovation
How does your project concept leverage gigabit-speed, next-generation networks? Does this project represent a novel approach to addressing your community need or challenge? Can the work be spread and scaled to other organizations and to other communities? At this stage, it is acceptable to be unsure.
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Diversity and Inclusion
How will the proposed project bring new viewpoints and voices into the conversation? How will the team include the participation of the target population (audience, clients, etc.) in developing and executing the project? How will the team share methods, progress and results in a transparent, easily accessible manner?
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Total Project Budget
What is the estimated total budget (in USD) for your project?
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Grant Request Amount
How much money (in USD) are you requesting from the Gigabit Community Fund to contribute to your project?
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Questions and Comments
Do you have any outstanding questions, comments, concerns or feedback about the RFP process in general? Are there any additional ways that your local Gigabit Hive team can support you?
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