Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) "Mission Partners" Application
Mozilla’s mission is big and ambitious, and we need help from like-minded organizations. We are eager to support you in your work on an open source/free software project that helps Mozilla fulfil its mission.

* Before applying please make sure you have read and met the criteria for the MOSS Program 'Mission Partners' track (found at

* If your application is successful, we may publish any part of this application which is not Personally Identifying Information, to promote program transparency and/or to serve as examples for other applicants.

* We recommend you join the public mailing list for MOSS at: , to make sure you receive updates on the progress of the program.

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Please give us the name of someone who is well respected by your wider open source community, who has agreed to vouch for you and for the positive impact of your project. This needs to be someone who wouldn't benefit from the award directly, and probably won't be someone who has day-to-day involvement in your project. We may reach out to them to help us understand your project better.
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If you were to be given an award, how would the money be paid?
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What country would we need to send money to, and in what currency?
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Please give in US dollars (max: $250,000)
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What are the concrete, specific outputs and outcomes this award would produce, and how do those activities further the Mozilla Mission? *
Please describe what you would use the funds for - what you are going to build, hack or fix. Also, explains how it furthers our mission, perhaps tying your activities to items in the Manifesto - Agreeing with the manifesto is not sufficient; you need to be furthering its aims. Please also explain how you arrived at the dollar figure requested, by breaking it down as necessary into smaller pieces. The level of detail given should reflect how much money you are requesting; a $250k award will need much more detail than a $20k one. (Max 8k chars)
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Please share an endorsement from your endorser: *
Ask your endorser to explain who they are and their position in the open source community, and then write a few paragraphs on why supporting your work via this award is a great idea. This is not just about whether the goal is important, but also about whether you are the right team to achieve it. All endorsements must include the sentence: "I have read the text of this application and I believe the applicants are technically capable of achieving the work outlined." (Max 4k chars)
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Have you ever applied for a grant or award from Mozilla before? *
If yes, please tell us about it.
How much were you awarded? What were your planned outcomes? Did you reach them? If not, why not?
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Please tell us more about how your project is managed. Please describe your core team. *
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Please tell us more about your community. *
Projects with existing code and an existing community are preferred but this is not decisive.
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If you have participation guidelines / code of conduct please include pointers to them. *
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