The Mosaic Project Alumni Survey

Please take the time to thoughtfully answer the following questions. There are no right or wrong answers -- we deeply value and utilize your input!
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I had a fun, memorable and transformational life experience that I still remember.
I manage my anger and other strong emotions more effectively.
I am more able to resolve conflicts peacefully.
In conflict situations, I am more likely to be assertive rather than passive or aggressive.
I am more likely to be an ally and interrupt bullying.
I feel more confident talking about challenging issues such as prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes and injustice.
I am more likely to interrupt prejudice, discrimination and injustice when I see it.
I am more confident working with people who have different cultural or ethnic backgrounds than me.
I am more likely to build relationships across lines of difference.
I am more likely to include others in groups or social settings.
I am more likely to empathize with those who may think or act differently from me.
I am more likely to care for the environment.
I spend more time outdoors.
I am more likely to say what I really think or feel.
I am more confident being myself.
I regularly take action toward social justice.
I am committed to building peaceful, inclusive communities throughout my life.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the friends you made at The Mosaic Project's Outdoor School?
Are you interested in returning to Mosaic as a Youth Leader?

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