Moogsoft Lab Instance Request Form
Use this form to request a lab instance for practicing on Moogsoft AIOps. The form allows you to select which course you would like the instance to be configured for (Implementer, Administrator, Operator, or the advanced Situation Design Workshop). Each course has a lab guide that can be used to perform the hands-on labs that go with the course. The lab guides are available here:

Implementer Lab Guide:

Administrator Lab Guide:

Operator Lab Guide:

Situation Design Workshop Lab Guides
There are two lab guides for the Situation Design Workshop. One, the "Resources" document, is meant for advanced students that would like a more challenging lab experience. It includes hints about what to do and examples of useful code, but doesn't have a step by step solution. The other one, the "Solution" document, is a complete step by step solution guide.

Situation Design Workshop Resources

Situation Design Workshop Solution

The Implementer instance is the least pre-configured version, and would be useful as an all-around playground for Implementation. The other types have a number of specific configurations that fit the specific lab exercises for the Administrator, Operator, or Situation Design workshop, and are more special-purpose.

1. These instances will remain active for exactly one week from the time we create your instance (you will be notified via email with the instance details when it is created), and can not be extended. This service is provided to assist and enrich your learning of Moogsoft AIOps, but is not a substitute for having your own lab with AIOps on it.
2. These instances are not supported by Moogsoft, and all required information on how to access them and perform the hands-on labs is in the above lab guides. These are not general purpose Moogsoft AIOps installations.
3. If you have questions about the lab instance program, please email
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