Monroe School District
Volunteer Information and Application Packet
Volunteer Application Procedures
1. All volunteers, with the exception of visitors and one-time volunteers who remain at school, must complete a volunteer application packet which includes the following:
• Volunteer Application
• Volunteer Statements affirming understanding of : Confidentiality, Discrimination and Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying laws and procedures
• Volunteer Criminal History Disclosure/WSP Criminal History Background Check
• Volunteer Reference Check
• If there are extenuating circumstances and/or reasonable suspicion as related to RCW 43.43.830, then a full FBI fingerprint check can/will be required. If required, the FBI fingerprint check will be at the district expense.

Volunteers who accompany students off-campus must complete a packet as noted above (see No. 3 below). In addition, all volunteers, 14 years of age and older, must complete a packet (e.g., high school student mentors or other students who will be more than a one-time volunteer in a school).

2. Volunteer application packets must be renewed each year.
Volunteer interests, availability and emergency contact information may change from year to year and should be current at each site where a volunteer works. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) screening will done annually. The building principal or any other designated administrative staff member shall be involved in the recruitment of volunteers and shall make final approval of any volunteer serving in his/her building.

3. Visitors and one-time volunteers do not need to complete an application UNLESS they accompany students off campus (field trips). One-time volunteers and visitors who remain under the direct supervision of teachers and staff while at school DO NOT need to complete the application packet. These volunteers should not be left alone with or have unsupervised contact with individual or groups of students. Examples of one-time volunteers: grandparent visiting a classroom; person presenting information to the class on a one-time basis; parents, friends or relatives who attend a class party or one-time event in the classroom.

Any volunteers accompanying students off campus, however, must complete a volunteer packet including WSP screening prior to the field trip. Volunteers on field trips are more likely to be alone with students, take students in small groups, and are responsible at a different level than at school. District staff who work at the school participating in the field trip do not need to complete a volunteer packet. However, staff accompanying students on a field trip for a site other than where they work should complete a packet, including WSP screening, so that emergency contact and other information is readily available.

4. District employees who volunteer at a site other than where they normally work should complete a volunteer application.
This assures that the school where a staff is a volunteer has current information including emergency contact information and a recent WSP screening.

5. All volunteers, including one-time volunteers and visitors must:
• Sign in and out at their school/site location.
• Wear identification badges during their volunteer activity or experience.
• Acknowledge that “relationships developed with children at school need to remain at school” and that, for their own protection, “volunteers should never be left alone with a child that is out of view of school personnel or another adult volunteer.”

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