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Thinking about the above question, explain why you are learning the most in that class.
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1st Period MS High Potential Learner, What area did you enjoy  for this class?
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On a scale of 1 to 5, do you feel your learning needs are being met at school?
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What would be the greatest thing your teacher(s) could do to help you learn at your highest potential?
Do you consider yourself to be gifted in the performing arts: music, dance, drama, art?
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If you responded to the above question, explain how you are serviced in the Performing Arts?
Examples: Plays, Performances, Competitions, Displays
Performing Arts:  What activities could you suggest to help you meet your potential?  
Do you have suggestions that could improve Gifted and Talented Services for you?
What are some extracurricular activities that you participate during the school year? Check all that applies
What are some of the classroom services have you experienced to provide services for you? *
Select as many boxes that apply, differentiation styles are listed for the classroom setting
What are some community activities that you would like to see as a extra-curricular?
What is your goal after you complete high school? i.e. College, Vocational School, Technology School *
What career path do you think you will consider when you graduate?
What are some websites that you would like to share that meets the educational needs as a GT student?
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