Tell us about your academic, higher education and knowledge SDGs initiatives!
SDSN Australia/Pacific is keen to hear from universities, higher education organisations and knowledge institutions in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific about initiatives you are already doing that use the SDGs framework to advance research, education and organisational leadership on sustainable development.

These can be projects, activities, events, courses, mapping exercises, strategies and reports in areas such as
- Research
- Graduate and undergraduate education
- Capacity building
- Student leadership
- Corporate responsibility
- University strategy and leadership

We will capture these on an ongoing basis and feature selected initiatives on our website and in our newsletters. Submissions received before 22 August could be featured in the lead up to the Australian SDGs Summit.

Your input will help us:
- Demonstrate how much the SDGs are already being adopted by our sector in the region.
- Provide inspiration, ideas and encouragement for organisations that have not yet started exploring the SDGs or are not yet sure how to use them.
- Understand the drivers and barriers behind the adoption of the SDGs in our sector, towards better support for implementation.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr Tahl Kestin, SDSN Australia/Pacific Network Manager, on

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We would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts about using the SDGs framework, so we can consider how SDSN Australia/Pacific might be able to better support our sector to implement them. We will not make your responses public but might use them as input to an analysis or synthesis of our sector's opportunities and challenges with the SDGs.
Why did you decide to use the SDGs for this initiative?
Did the SDGs enable you to do something that you were not able to do previously?
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What challenges or issues did you encounter in using the SDGs for this initiative?
And what might help you overcome them in the future?
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What broader opportunities do you see for your organisation to use the SDGs?
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Thank you for your input!
And please feel free to submit additional initiatives.
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