Student Drug Testing Feedback
MLSD realizes the health risks and dangers associated with the use of unlawful drugs and alcohol. We also understand the peer pressure that can prompt the use of drugs/alcohol and want to make an effort to give students the support they need to make wise choices which will have a direct impact on their future. Drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse in the school is a threat to the safety and health of both students and staff. It jeopardizes the efficiency and the quality of the educational programs. The risks associated with such abuse may include the possibility of impaired judgment, diminished capacity, deterioration of the organs of the body, addictions and conditions that substantially inhibit a person from performing to his/her fullest natural ability. There are limits on what the schools can legally require of students. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and concerns as we begin to consider a random drug testing policy.
Do you believe that there is a drug problem in our area?
In an effort to deter the possible use of drugs by students do you believe randomly testing students would be an effective deterrent?
Would you support mandatory drug testing of students?
How are you connected with our school?
If a student is identified as having a positive test for the use of drugs, what actions do you support?
Would you support a random drug testing policy that would be implemented for students who: (select all that apply)
If you believe random drug testing is needed, what grade levels should be tested?
If you have an opinion about random drug testing, either for or against, or about differentiating between student groups, we would appreciate your expressions of concern.
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