Wellington Staff GEMS Award
Termly Nomination for Staff GEMS Award. Our community deserves to hear about the amazing work these staff are doing! Please nominate deserving staff* of Wellington!

The school places great emphasis on the professional development of our educators and this is aligned to our Strategic Thrust 4 – A World Ready Team of Professionals through ICE3 – Innovation Creativity & Enterprise, Instructional & Curriculum Excellence, International Collaboration & Exchange. As we develop our programmes around our students to cater to their varied needs and abilities, we must also remain cognisant to continue to inspire and motivate our educators to be at their best to care and nurture their charges.

The inaugural Staff GEMS Award aims to pay tribute to our staff who not only show care and concern for the holistic development of their students, but go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners. Please nominate your deserving staff now!

*Staff includes anyone who works at Wellington Primary such as teachers, executive and admin staff, contract staff, security personnel, canteen vendors and cleaning helpers .
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Which of the following Wellington RICE2 qualities does the staff demonstrate? Please indicate at least 1 and elaborate.
e.g demonstrate high regard for fellow colleagues.
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e.g demonstrates creative teaching methods that engages students and probes higher order thinking.
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e.g takes good care of his/her students.
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e.g develops leadership qualities in students and acts as a teacher-leader.
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e.g can be counted on to carry out all duties and responsibilities.
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e.g situation that demonstrated nominee's honesty and uprightness in the school.
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e.g took part in community activities that benefitted the school and students.
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e.g an example of nominee's pursuit of excellence in whatever he/she does.
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