HuntingBlox - $65,000
Thank you for your interest in our HuntingBlox - an spin from our 1Blox where we outfit many beds and camping needs to get your Blox completely off the grid and ready for the weekend getaway.

We have been receiving a lot of requests so we please ask that you fill out the information to help us get to your order as soon as possible! Once you have done that and submitted your request, we will follow up with you and begin the process for purchasing your very own ModernBlox! We now offer financing options through the Heartland Group!

1) Reservation Deposit = $3,000
2) Finalized Design, Permitting, and Consulting Fees = 8% of total payment
3) Project Site Survey and Pre-Fabrication = 30% of total payment
4) Shipment of Modernblox and Closing Fees = 62% of total payment

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