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Kickstarters in green were sucessfully fully funded

Kickstarters in red failed to meet their funding goal


Robotoki will be bringing out an exclusive to OUYA, first-party prequel to his next-gen game, Human Element.

Upcoming Games

“100 Rogues” is a Roguelike game previously released for iOS & Mac. They’ve officially confirmed an OUYA port with enhanced features, and while they haven’t specifically said “launch”, they did say it’ll be one of the first games available.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Gato Salvaje has announced that he’ll be bringing his upcoming episode adventure game AR-K to OUYA. The first episode is already available, free of charge, on the Kickstarter page, for play on the PC. Their Kickstarter didn’t meet the goal, but they are moving forward.

Aritana is a 3D platformer coming from Brazilian studio Aritana. They’ve contact OUYA and received a positive response, and plan to bring their game to the platform.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Ameon Entertainment are committed to bringing their upcoming PC & mobile game Armored Tank Assault 2 to OUYA. They didn’t reach funding but plan to continue development at a slower rate.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Makers of Aura Tactics. Right now they’re just focusing on the PC version, but they’ve bought an OUYA and have said it “should be a pretty smooth port”. However, they’ve yet to fully confirm.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

The developers behind the successfully funded turn-based dungeon-crawling strategy game Auro, which is shipping cross-platform anyway, have ordered a dev kit and plan to get it on the system.

Brazilian developer Goodhustle is working on a new game in their “Beast Boxer” series, “Beast Boxer Turbo”. They ordered a first-run dev OUYA, and say it’s coming to OUYA.

Indiegogo - UNFUNDED

Right now they’re working on Castle Conflict 2. They’ve bought a devkit and they say they’re tentatively hoping to be ready for launch, though they’re focusing on finishing the iOS version first. They ran an Indiegogo crowdfunder and didn’t raise much money, but continue to move forward.


Ignis Studios are working on a cross-platform monster catching RPG called Deozoa that they plan to bring to OUYA. Asking for $78,000, but they’ve were featured as a Staff Pick on KS on the first day so things are going well.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

They’re planning on bringing their Kickstarter game Echoes of Eternia to OUYA, but not until after the PC release.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

These former Neversoft devs are also bringing their game to OUYA. Their Kickstarter started strong, but has struggled to get much past 10% funded. Check out the video and if you’re interested, lend a hand!

Kickstarter - FUNDED

“Evilot”, the first video game from Chile on Kickstarter, will be showing up on OUYA.

Pozible - FUNDED

Having already gone through a small round of crowdfunding, 2 Hit Studios is continuing to develop their retro brawling game. They’ve purchased an OUYA dev kit and plan on porting their game to the platform.

Coming as a launch game. The publisher also said they will consider to release other games on OUYA in the future. Crystal Defenders, Imaginary Range, and the original Final Fantasy are also available for other Android devices.

GalaxyTrail is planning on bringing their 2D platformer onto the OUYA. They’re currently trying to determine how hard the port will be to create.

Brand new 3D action game, out for free already on Google Play, and they’ve announced plans to bring it to OUYA, as well.

Rapture has announced that they plan to bring their PC shmup Gunblitz to OUYA at launch in March.

Developers of Rocket Bunnies, Heroes Call, and Ski Safari, they officially announced they plan to bring their entire current slate over, with Heroes Call and Ski Safari in at launch.

Developer Ludosity has stated that while they’re not sure if OUYA can handle their PC game Bob Came In Pieces, they’re “definitely” going to bring the multiplatform Ittle Dew to the platform.

Kickstarter - $25k/$100k, 30 Days Left

Planning on bringing their game Kaiju Combat to OUYA, with hopes they may even get it for launch, depending on when the OUYA is released. Have also committed to bringing other Android games to the platform.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Aoineko has said they’re definitely going to look into optimizing Kitaru for OUYA.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

ThreeGates included OUYA development with the $27,500 stretch goal, which they handily reached.

FreakZone Games has stated they’re interested in bringing their upcoming platformer MANOS to OUYA, along with previous and upcoming titles.

Developers of the soon to be released mobile game Megatroid, they have pledged at the $699 level on the OUYA KS for a devkit, and “promise to do their best” to bring it to OUYA.

Renegade Kid is the studio behind the recent 3DS eShop game Mutant Mudds, along with a number of other 3DS and DS titles. They’ve committed to bringing Mutant Mudds to over to OUYA.

OC is an FPS that has been officially announced by U4iA for the system.

Coconut Island plans to bring several games to OUYA, starting with One Tap Hero.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Hashbang has committed to bringing Orbital Blaster to OUYA. However, it looks like they’ll fail to reach the Kickstarter goal.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Very multiplatform platformer with massive, beautiful sprites, 3D Attack has announced support for OUYA with. It’s set to come out in the fall, so... hopeful launch title?

Penumbear is a platformer with some crazy lighting mechanics. By manipulating light you are actually creating new platforms to help you make your way through the levels. Graveyard has backed at the developer level and their current goal is to have the game available for launch.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Developer has backed and says he’d love to bring Quest for Infamy to OUYA.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

The developer says that as long as it’s possible, he’ll be bringing TROAE to the platform.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Kontrabida will be bringing their Rival Threads game to OUYA. They may even make launch.

Kickstarter - N/A

XYLA’s focused on the PC release for now, but afterwards they do plan on bringing it to as many platforms as possible, including OUYA. They didn’t reach their KS goal, but they did find a private backer so they’re marching on!

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Saturday Morning RPG is an episodically released game, a third coming soon, and more planned. They’ve committed to bringing it to OUYA.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Shadowrun Online is a Free to Play Unity game and they’re going to support tablets, including Android, and they’re also going to support OUYA. On PC it runs in the browser, but they are building dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Rocksauce is working on a crazy pinball game called Spinferno for OUYA & Android. Their Kickstarter has a long way to go, and not a lot of time to do it in.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

They’re working with the OUYA people to get their game on the platform. Excellent staff on this game, including a bunch of ex-Obsidian people who worked on games like Fallout: New Vegas.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Exploding Rabbit has announced they’ll be porting Super Retro Squad to OUYA.

This Brazilian developer has stated that they’re interested in bringing their game to OUYA.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

CVS is bringing their 2D Slash-em-Up in the vein of Golden Axe, Rastan, Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, and Castlevania to OUYA. Well, they’ve ordered a dev kit and say they hope to port the game to OUYA after the PC release of Volgarr. They reached nearly $40k with only an $18k goal, so hopefully all the extra funding will help them get their port moving along.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Cinemaware is an OUYA backer, and have ordered a unit for development. They do plan to support OUYA with their remake of the classic Amiga game, “Wings”. They failed to hit funding, however.

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