Lecturers' Satisfaction Survey 2017
Dear Lecturers of MM FEB Unpad,

We really appreciate if you could spend time for few minutes to complete brief survey about your overall satisfaction toward MM FEB Unpad. The results of the survey will be used for our evaluation in improving our overall services.

Your sincerely
MM FEB Unpad

Profile of the Respondents
1. Gender
2. What is your status as a teaching staff at MM?
2. Please mentioned name of course(s) you teach at MM?
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3. Year of teaching at MM?
4. Your expertise in the concentration of?
Questions about your evaluation to MM FEB Unpad:
1. How well you think you have performed as lecturer at this MM program?
2. How effective you think the teaching method you have used to deliver the course(s) at this MM program?
3. How well-maintained your relationship between lecturers and students at MM in order to enhance the performance of the students at MM program?
4. How helpful is the other team members of the academic staffs (dosen pengajar) to align in your academic achievement?
5. How helpful is the supporting staffs (Sub Bagian Akademik) to assist your needs in supporting your duty as a lecturer at MM?
6. How easy is it to teach MM’s students in order for the students to understand your teaching materials?
7. How helpful is it, the information provided at the website of this MM program?
9. How happy are you with the resources you need from the university library system (www.unpad.ac.id/universitas/upt/perpustakaan) ?
10. How happy are you with the speed of the internet access at this MM program?
11. How happy are you with all facilities provided at this MM program (study room, class rooms, reading rooms, etc)?
12. How intense are you in communicating with the Guest Lecturers (dosen tamu) from BUMN, Entrepreneurs, Professional, etc as your team teaching?
13. How useful is it, the funding provided by the faculty and university to support your research performance? (only for Dosen PNS)
14. How satiesfied are you with your performance in supervising MM’s students for thesis writing? (if applicable)
15. How likely are you in recommending your students to collaborate with the Guest Lecturers (dosen tamu) from BUMN, Entrepreneurs, Professional, etc who teach at MM program?
16. How satisfied do you feel about overall service delivery from the faculty particularly for supporting your performance as a researcher?
17. How likely are you in starting and or continuing the communication with the Alumni of MM and or well known person to be invited as Guest Lecturers for enhancing the quality of course contents?
18. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience at this MM program, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?
19. Please send your input, feedback and constructive feedback to improve the performance of MM:
Your answer
Thank you for completing the survey.
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