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What's Your Opinion!
Hey there students of LHS! My name is Will Bradley. I am one of you, a student here learning in the same classrooms. I need your help though. I need you all to please fill out this form honestly! This is very important. Your response only helps me to better your education next year! Thank You!
What Grade Level Are You?
How would you describe your education this year? *
What would you describe your teachers being like in the classroom? *
Do you think your classes are fun and engaging? *
Do you want your classes to be more engaging? *
Would having more hands on experience help you learn? *
Would having real-world problems in your class help you learn? *
Would you be willing to have assigned projects rather than traditional tests and quizzes? *
Would you like to have less homework, but have bigger projects? *
Do you think you could do better in school if you did what I have previously asked? *
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