BIM Implementation in Precast Concrete Companies

This survey has been created to gather results for the thesis: "Critical Success Factors of BIM implementation in Precast Concrete Companies."

Length: 10 minutes

Suitable Respondents: Precast concrete company employees. This survey is not limited to one respondent per company - you are encouraged to share this with others in your firm.

All responses will remain confidential.

Why should you respond?

The aim of this survey is to determine the difficulties experienced in Building Information Modelling (BIM) implementation by precast concrete companies and the techniques and processes used to overcome such difficulties.

We hope that with the results we can offer precast concrete companies a model with which they can more confidently plan and execute their own implementation of BIM. For companies that have already begun to use BIM, our model will help to extend and improve BIM implementation.

BIM adoption is increasing in the construction industry. It is becoming more common for BIM-capabilities to be requested on projects, governments are pushing for increased adoption and consequently growth in implementation throughout the industry is increasing. Precast concrete companies should be trying to keep up.

Precast concrete offers a huge amount of advantages to projects - with increased BIM implementation in precasting companies, precast concrete can be planned for and incorporated into designs more effectively.

In addition to this, marketing and value propositions become much more efficient processes with BIM, leading to a greater number of projects being won by precast concrete companies.

With increased BIM adoption by precast companies, we hope to see higher levels of prefabrication in all construction projects. Higher levels of prefabrication leads to increased safety, sustainability, efficiency and quality of projects.

Every response is highly valued - whether your company has implemented BIM or otherwise.

Note: For the purpose of this survey BIM is defined as anything from simple 3D modelling to collaborative nD modelling and integrated project delivery. If your company has any of these capabilities it would be considered to have implemented BIM.