Minecart Rapid Transit (MRT) Server - Trustee Endorsement Form
This form allows Trustees and above on the MRT Server to endorse other players to become Trustees as well. For a player to be eligible for the [Trustee] rank, they must fulfill the following requirements:

- Be an active [Citizen] for at least 1 week with no active warnings.
- Be a mature player and respected member of the community.
- Receive at least 3 endorsements from 3 other players with [Trustee] rank or above.

Please DO NOT submit an endorsement if you are not a [Trustee], and if you have already endorsed this player once before, please DO NOT submit another endorsement. Duplicate endorsements will not count.
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Please give your reasons as to why you are giving this player an endorsement, and why you think this player deserves the Trustee rank. *
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