Milwaukee Children's Choir Registration Agreement
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Milwaukee Children's Choir is the umbrella organization encompassing both Milwaukee Children's Choir and Lake Country Children's Choir. Policies, releases, and agreements set forth in this Registration Agreement apply to both choirs.

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Medical Information / Emergency Contacts
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MCC Lists/Carpool Lists Agreement
From time to time MCC provides other arts organizations with names and addresses (including email addresses) of MCC families. Names of minors are not released. And under no circumstances does MCC sell its lists to others.
MCC Lists/Carpool Lists Agreement *
I hereby authorize MCC to include my name on lists to be used for limited purposes, such as setting up carpools; such lists will include student name, address of residence, email address and phone number only. These lists are intended primarily for the convenience and use of current MCC families and will never be sold or made available for commercial use.
Consent, Media Release, Medical Release, Handbook Agreement and Code of Conduct
This document affects your and your child’s legal rights. Please read it carefully.

Before we or others audio record, video record, film and/or photograph the Milwaukee Children's Choir, Inc. and its members, we would like to first obtain permission from each participating child's parent or legal guardian. When your child joins MCC you acknowledge that you understand and agree to each of the following:
• You are the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the participating child.
• You are granting permission to MCC and MCC authorized Third-Parties to audio record, video record, film and/or photograph MCC events and performances.
• You are granting permission to MCC and MCC authorized Third-Parties to publish and distribute any current or future audio recordings, television/video recordings, film and/or photographs in any format (collectively referred to as "Recordings"), including those involving your child.

CLAUSE I: MCC Recordings
Neither you nor your child will receive any payment or other form of compensation in connection with any current or future MCC Recordings. In exchange for your child's opportunity to be included in MCC events and Recordings, you authorize MCC to: (i) audio record, film, video record and/or photograph your child on CD, cassette, film, video, digital media, internet media or otherwise (the "Media"); (ii) edit the Media at the discretion of MCC; and (iii) distribute MCC Recordings publicly for purposes of musical entertainment, education, publicity, fund raising, and otherwise as MCC in its sole discretion deems appropriate.
You further acknowledge that MCC shall own all rights to MCC Recordings and Media and all proceeds therefrom. Due to the nature of the MCC Recordings and Media, there is no guarantee your child will be recognizable on the Recordings, audibly or visually. MCC reserves all rights to make final decisions concerning the use of and the content of MCC Recordings and Media.

CLAUSE II: Third-Party Recordings
You understand that neither you nor your child is entitled to any payment or other form of compensation in connection with any future or current third party Recordings (i.e. a Recording authorized by MCC but made by a person or entity other than MCC). You also authorize MCC to allow third parties, their licensees, assignees, and other successors-in-interest (collectively referred to as "Producers") the right to: (i) audio record, film, video record and/or photograph your child's performance with MCC on the Media; (ii) edit the Media at such third party's discretion and to include with it other content including but not limited to performances of others, sound effects, special effects and music; (iii) broadcast the contents of the Media on network television, cable television, video recorded programs, or the internet ("Programs"); (iv) use the Media or Programs in any manner whatsoever; and (v) use your child's likeness and voice in such Programs. If from time to time you or your child do receive payment for such services, it shall not detract from the enforceability of this clause in all other cases.
Due to the nature of the Programs, there is no guarantee that your child will appear in the final edited Programs, audibly or visually, and the Producers of such Programs shall have the right to make all decisions as to the broadcasted content of the Programs. You further acknowledge that the Producers shall own all rights of every kind and character whatsoever in perpetuity in and to the Programs including your child's appearance and/or voice and the results and proceeds thereof in connection with the Programs, subject to the above use restrictions.

CLAUSE III: Restrictions on Third-Party Use
MCC shall approve of and/or reject any use of the Media in Programs or other third-party Recordings in its sole discretion. MCC reserves the right to restrict use of the Media for any Programs that are unrelated to the purpose and objectives of MCC.

As used herein, “MCC” includes Milwaukee Children’s Choir Inc., its board of directors, staff, volunteers, licensees, assignees, and any third parties authorized by any of the foregoing. This Release applies to all MCC and Third-Party Recordings, existing and/or created in the future. This Release shall last in perpetuity, and can be terminated only after 60 days’ written notice to MCC at the address listed above, in which case the Release shall continue to cover all MCC and Third-Party Recordings made until the date of termination.

This Media Release Form is effective from this day forward unless and until this Release is terminated as set forth above.

Media Release *
Medical Release
This document affects your and your child's legal rights. Please read it carefully.


I, the parent/guardian of the minor named in these Registration Materials ("my child"), voluntarily agree to permit my child to participate in rehearsals, performances, auditions, tours, recording sessions, social or recreational activities, and other programs and activities of the Milwaukee Children's Choir, Inc. ("MCC Activities") effective the date the registration agreement is signed and continuing for as long as my child is an MCC member. I understand that my child's participation in MCC Activities may involve risks of physical injury, death, or property loss or damage which cannot be completely or precisely predicted. Such risks may include, among other things, risks arising from potential physical hazards at facilities used for MCC Activities (including without limitation risers, stairs, stage edges, tripping hazards, and backstage fixtures and equipment); risks resulting from conditions found on stages (such as bright lights and warm temperatures); risks arising from the acts and omissions of the Releasees, owners and operators of facilities used for MCC Activities, and participants in MCC Activities, including the negligent or intentional acts of other children; and risks arising from transportation, including risks arising from the acts and omissions of vehicle drivers and owners, and common carriers and their servants. The enumeration of risks in this paragraph does not limit the scope of the release of liability contained in this Acknowledgement, Release of Liability, and Consent for Medical Treatment (this "Release").

I acknowledge that no promise or inducement has been offered to me to procure my execution of this Release, that I execute this Release without reliance on any statement or representation by any of the Releasees concerning the potential injuries or damages which may arise from my child's participation in MCC Activities, and that I have carefully read this Release, understand its contents, and agree to this Release as my own free act.

Release of Liability:

As used in this Release, "Releasees" means Milwaukee Children's Choir, Inc. ("MCC") and its successors, assigns, volunteers, insurers, officers, directors, and employees.

In consideration for the MCC accepting my child's participation in MCC Activities and on behalf of myself and my child, I hereby release, forever discharge, and/or otherwise indemnify the Releasees from all claims and liabilities for expenses, damages, or injury to person or property that I or my child may have, now or in the future, for any injury or loss that I or my child sustains, foreseen or unforeseen, arising from or related to my child's participation in MCC Activities. This Release includes, without limitation, any claim based on the negligence of any of the Releasees, but does not include claims based on reckless or intentional conduct of the Releasees.

Without limiting the foregoing, I specifically release the Releasees from any and all claims arising on account of (1) first aid treatment or other similar service rendered to my child; and (2) the negligent selection or supervision by any of the Releasees of any employee, contractor, agent, common carrier, or other provider of products or services to MCC or its participants.

Consent for Medical Treatment (Minor):

As the parent or legal guardian of my child, I hereby give consent for first aid treatment to be given to my child by MCC employees, and I further give consent for medical care to be given to my child by a duly licensed health care provider. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb or well being of my child. I understand and agree that I will be liable for any expenses incurred in obtaining medical care or treatment for my child.

Medical Release *
Please read the MCC Choir Handbook and review the policies. Click here to read:
Handbook Agreement *
I have read and understand the policies detailed in the MCC choir handbook and agree to its conditions.
Code of Conduct
Background and Purpose: This Code of Conduct is meant to guide our young singers and their families as they matriculate through choir membership.

Basis: The basis for the Code of Conduct is MCC’s mission: “to provide exceptional choral music instruction and performance experiences that foster creativity, personal expression and social growth.”

Adult life begins in a child’s imagination and with social lessons learned as a child. Perhaps NEA Chairman Gioia said it best when he stated: “The purpose of arts education is not to produce more artists, though that is a byproduct. The real purpose of arts education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free society.”

Milwaukee Children’s Choir works with the first instrument--the human voice--and through child-centered and age-appropriate instruction we help children see what they can achieve with discipline, dedication and teamwork; we introduce them to great music; we use performance to teach them responsibility and grace under pressure; and we expand their horizons by exposing them to youth unlike themselves. Each year we help hundreds of youth build, within themselves, noteworthy character. And while we do this, we please tens of thousands of audience members.

Today’s MCC is hundreds of singers, grades K4-12, singing in five distinct choir levels. Members come from the seven-county area. We have rehearsal sites in suburban and urban settings, and our choir members represent more than 100 schools. We are a diverse population.

Nevertheless, each and every MCC member has a common bond: a love of song and singing. This binds us together and transcends all of our differences. We are a community of singers. We rely on one another. This code of conduct guides our community.

Code of Conduct--General:

We treat others with respect, trust, honesty, fairness and kindness. We follow the golden rule, and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We act in a sensitive and considerate manner and respect the rights of others.

We take MCC membership seriously, are committed to MCC, and do our best to participate fully in rehearsals and performances.

We are and act as a team. When we are in rehearsals, performances, and together in public, we represent MCC and all that it is and aspires to be. We follow established rehearsal and performance practice and always try to be the best that we can be.

Code of Conduct--Specifics:

While every subtlety of proper behavior cannot be detailed, the following rules must be adhered to strictly:

1. MCC members and their families respect others. We do not exhibit verbal or physical conduct that demeans others because of age, race, gender, ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation.

2. MCC members and their families make a one year commitment to membership.

3. MCC members and their families respect the property of others. This includes MCC property (music, music folders, instruments, etc.), rehearsal and performance sites and any property of others at those sites, and the property of other singers, MCC staff, and their families.

4. MCC members regularly attend rehearsals and MCC performances, are committed to being ready at the rehearsal call time, and inform MCC in the event of needed absences.

5. MCC members bring to their rehearsal seats only what they need for rehearsal. Homework, electronic devices, and other items not related to MCC remain in backpacks, bags or other places out of sight--and use--during rehearsal.

6. MCC members participate fully in rehearsals and performances. We respect rehearsal time, are not disruptive, work as a team, display our best musicianship, and respect our peers and MCC staff. We try to do our best and demonstrate pride in ourselves and MCC.

7. MCC members keep their uniforms clean and in good repair, and remember to wear them on concert days.

MCC members and their families follow this Code of Conduct and are responsible for their own actions. Failure to abide by this Code will be dealt with immediately and may lead to reprimand, suspension or expulsion, based on the gravity of the inappropriate conduct. If a member drops membership during the year for any reason, including disciplinary action, no portion of fees or tuition will be refunded.

I have read and understand the policies detailed in the MCC/LCCC Code of Conduct and agree to all of its terms. *
Singer Registration Confirmation *
For Parent/Guardian: I am a parent or guardian of the singer named below. I have discussed MCC membership with the singer and want the singer to participate in MCC programming for the 2016-2017 season. After answering this question, please scroll down and click on "Submit".
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