MASD Educational Application/Website Review
Please complete and submit this form when reviewing educational applications and websites for consideration in hybrid classrooms.
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Application or Website
What is the application or website? Please include a link to the application information on iTunes or the URL of the website.
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Curriculum Connection
In what unit of instruction will this application or website be used.
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Teacher Tested
How much time did you spend exploring the app?
Tested Device
On what device was the application or website tested?
Data Driven
Does the application or website provide student data?
Data Type
What type of data is collected? Choose all that appy.
Student Friendly
Provide specific feedback about student use.
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Teacher Friendly
Provide specific feedback about teacher use.
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In your opinion, will professional development be needed to effectively use this application or website? Are you able to teach your colleagues?
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Student Accounts
How are student accounts created?
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Data Storage
Is the student data stored on the device/application or is the data web-based?
How will this application or website benefit the grade-level team?
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Other Comments
Please share other feedback for possible adoption of this application or website.
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