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Gabe Brown
CompaniesFunctional DepthMobile Delivery & EnablementTechnologyBusiness Development ModelBasic Company Info
MambuLoan Products Supported, Savings Products SupportedMambu android app, Mambu is accessible from a borwser. Integrated reporting and analytics of a mobile money provider's usage.deployment environment is called My Mambu and is accessed via browser. Everything is hosted in the cloud. Uses Java for business logic and JSON REST API. More info on http://www.slideshare.net/edanilkis/mambu-technical-overview There is offline support for Mambu on the android. Mambu includes some open source projects on Git-hub. Subscription fee is based on portfolio value. http://support.mambu.com for support. Over 100 clients, most clients focused in Central America, Africa, West India, and the Phillipines. Mambu 3.8 - Release date 23/10/2014. Mamabu has 4 office locations in europe. Mamabu recently won Cloud Computing Innovation of the year award.
Cloud LendingSupports microfinance/lending & leasing servicesThe platform is "mobile ready", but there is no information on what that meansMicrofinance platform is called MFiFlex. limited offline functions available through from a client application. CloudLendingInc API available through http://www.programmableweb.com/api/cloudlendinginc Partners include collaborators, and innovators. Collaborators feature Cloud lending's solutions in their own products and innovators develop client software, however it's not set up to be very open-source. Pricing per user per month. They offer basic and premium support for their products. One would presumably pay more for premium.Has a number of strategic partnerships with both finance and tech. companies. Their main area of impact seems centered around Kenya. Cloud Lending was a sponsor at the recent Lendit conference in London. Cloud Lending was a sponsor at the recent Lendit conference in London. Cloud lending currently has 3 office locations, 2 in the US, and 1 in India
OpenCBSSavings and loan products supported.available through an Android app.OpenCBS is desktop based, so it's fully offline capable, and can only run on Windows or android app. deployment environment: visual studios and ReSharper. Currently working on an API that 3rd party developers can program against. Product offers core, premium and standard software packages. Core is free and the others are pay per month. Technical support as well as functionality level is based on the packaged purchased. They're currently working to make it eisier for parners to contribute.OpenCBS is supported by a community of resellers. Their client base is focused around india. Their latest release (14.8) came out in June. They have a small core team of ~10 members
TemenosSupports microfinance, insurance, loans, and transactions.Has mobile banking software for ios, android, and windowsIBM mainframe-based mass retail banking software platform. Offers Temenos T24 as their core banking software. APIs available http://temenostech.temenos.com/. Offline access available for computers, uknown for mobile.Temenos has a support forum as well as a call center available. Pay per month pricing model with a number of different services available.latest release November 2014. News: ME Bank transforms into digital bank with Temenos solutions. Focused on Islamic countries, but has a global client base. Over 1700 clients. Made 467m USD in 2013. Large publicly traded company
Bankers RealmSupports deposits, transactions, and transactionsavailable through anything with browser capabilityoperates in any standard browser. Also hosted on Craft Silicon Data Center servers. No APIs publicly available. No offline access.Product is available through Craft Silicone. The product is developed for people starting an actual brick and mortar bank, so pricing is per branch per month. Support is available through email. Most clients are in India, but also some in East Africa. This is a product from what seems to be a big company. Very little online presence.
Loan Performersupports transactions, savings, and loanssupports mobile money transfersLOAN PERFORMER is developed using Microsoft Visual Foxpro and C#.Net technology. It comes with a Visual Foxpro or SQL Server Express database as part of the package. APIs unavailable. Offline functionality.Product is available through Crystal Clear Software. Has multi-lingual customer support through email. Pricing is per branch - an initial down payment is required and there is an annual renual charge.1/3 of total clients are from East Africa. They have a total of 824 clients. Version 8.0 was released in december of 2011 but there have been a number of updates. They have a newsletter they send out every month.
Gabe Brown