Tarkington Park Programming Survey - Neighborhood Residents
You may have noticed that Tarkington Park is undergoing a total transformation complete with a new interactive children's play area, cafe building, and spray plaza. The park's planning team is now looking to the public to find out what activities and amenities you'd like to see at the park starting this Summer.
How often do you spend time at Tarkington Park?
How close do you live to Tarkington Park?
What do you love about Tarkington Park? What don't you love?
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Tarkington Park Improvements Diagram
In which areas of Tarkington Park are you most likely to spend time?
Aside from commuting, how long do you typically spend outside on a typical summer weekday?
What time do you typically leave for work in the morning?
What time do you typically return from work?
In which part of Indianapolis do you work?
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What type of activities do you CURRENTLY participate in (anywhere in Indy)?
Which type of activities are you interested in participating in at Tarkington Park?
Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Not Interested
Art Classes (i.e. watercolor painting)
Board Games or Table-top Games
Book Club or Author Talks
Dance Classes
Doggy and Me Fitness
Farmers Market or Artisans Market
Fitness Classes (i.e. yoga, zumba, boot camp)
Lawn Games
Outdoor Concerts
Outdoor Movies
Programs with your child (i.e. Storytime, Mommy and Me Fitness)
Recreational Sports Leagues (i.e. Kickball or Ultimate Frisbee)
Science or Technology Talks
What is your age?
If you want to learn more about the exciting new programs happening at Tarkington Park this summer, please provide us with your email address here.
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If you are interested in planning any programs with the Tarkington Park staff, please email Rodrigo at Rrodarte@brvcorp.com
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