School Climate Survey- Parents
We want to know what YOU think about your child’s school. The information from the survey will help us improve student
relationships, learning conditions, and the school’s overall environment. Your answers will be combined with those of other parents. No one will be told how you answered.
My child's school environment is clean and in good condition.
My child feels safe at school.
Students at my child's school are well-behaved.
My child is safe going to and from school.
The learning environment at my child's school is excellent.
Teachers at my child's school set high standards for students.
My child's teachers encourage students to think independently.
Overall, I am satisfied with my child's school.
The academic needs of students are met at my child's school.
Students at my child's school respect their teachers.
Overall, I respect the teachers at my child's school.
The rules for student conduct are consistently enforced at my child's school.
School staff encourages students to respect each others differences (for example, gender, race, culture, etc.).
Adults who work in my child's school treat students with respect.
School staff has a positive impact on my child's behavior.
The staff in the school have built strong relationships with my child.
My child has friends at school he or she can trust and talk to about problems.
My child's school tries to get family members to take part in school activities.
My child has pride in the school.
I feel welcome at my child’s school.
This is the end of the survey. Thank you!
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