Sexiling at Middlebury College: Only respond if you have a roommate
Hi everyone,

We are students in this semester's Gender, Health and Environment Class. We are making a video to study the culture of sexiling on this campus. If you have (literally!) 2 minutes, please take the time to fill out our survey. Thanks so much!

Alice Butler and Zorica Radanovic
The act of exiling a roommate from your shared space to engage in sexual activities with a third party.
1. Have you ever been sexiled? *
2. How many nights have you been sexiled in the past year? Provide an average. *
3. On a scale of 1 to 4, how do you feel about being sexiled? *
Extremely bothered
Happy to accommodate
4. In reference to Question 3, why do you feel this way? (Please only answer if you feel comfortable)
If you feel comfortable talking to us about your specific experience, please provide your email. Know that all information you provide will be kept as anonymous as you want.
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