NPDA Application for Membership
What is the NPDA?
The National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA) is an organization of American, Canadian and other international colleges of art and design whose purpose is to assist art students in embarking upon their post-secondary educational careers. Its primary function is the coordination and promotion of "Portfolio Days," a nationwide series of events, hosted by member institutions for the purpose of assisting young artists in their pursuit of higher education in the fields of art and design; in addition, member institutions host Graduate Portfolio Day events exclusively for undergraduates pursuing graduate studies.

The NPDA is a service-oriented organization. We believe that by the systematic support, education and encouragement of art students, a significant contribution is made to their viability as the professional artists and designers of the future.

The NPDA also serves to promote professionalism and ethical practice among art school admissions offices. Through the cooperation and productive interaction of its members, NPDA’s goal is to ensure that educational integrity is not compromised by unethical recruitment practices.
This organization has existed informally since 1976 as an amalgamation of admissions officers who represent art schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design. This group has met annually since then to plan and coordinate Portfolio Days as well as to share and exchange professional information.
Application Timeline
Institutions who are interested in becoming members of NPDA and meet the membership criteria are encouraged to submit an application. Applications will be reviewed if space for new members becomes available in the organization. New online membership applications will be kept for 2 years.
Membership Dues
The cost of annual membership in NPDA is $850/undergraduate institutions and $1100/graduate institutions. Registration fees for each portfolio day event are separate, and must be paid directly to the host institution and range from $250-$600.

Institutions that are granted membership in the association and pay the membership fees will: 
• be included in NPDA correspondence and promotional/marketing materials directed toward high schools and/or the public
• be listed on the NPDA website ( which will include a link to your institution’s website
• have the ability to participate in any NPDA sanctioned events 
• be listed on promotional materials for the events in which you participate 
• receive an invitation to attend the NPDA Annual Meeting to promote professionalism and ethical practices in admissions to member programs. 
Part I - Institutional Information
Name of the institution (as it appears on your letter of accreditation) *
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Part II - Institutional Structure
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Enrollment Size *
Part III - Accreditation
US Institutions: NASAD Accredited?
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US Institutions: Name of regional accrediting agency
Canadian Institutions: Universities Canada member?
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Other International Institutions: Name of accreditation agency
All: URL to accreditation page on your website *
Part IV - Portfolio Requirements
Institutional Membership in the NPDA is restricted to colleges and universities that require a portfolio for admission to a majority of their studio art and design programs.
Do you require a portfolio for admission to a majority of your studio art and design BFA and/or MFA programs? *
URL to your application requirements page on your website *
URL to your portfolio requirements page on your website *
Part V - Participation
Considering the purpose of our organization, please provide a statement explaining why your institution is submitting application for membership to NPDA and how your membership will strengthen or improve the organization: *
If offered membership, would your institution be interested in organizing and/or hosting a NPDA event? *
If yes to above, do you host Open House type events at your institution?
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If so, approximately how many attendees participate at an average event?
If offered membership, how many NPDA events would your institution plan to attend annually? *
(For the 2019-20 year the association has approximately 40 Portfolio Days planned from September 2019 through January 2020)
If offered membership, in what region(s) is your institution planning to attend NPDA events *
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