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Are you a home building professional interested in learning about high performance and sustainable construction methods, or how to differentiate your homes with credible, industry-leading 3rd-party certification? Or are you a prospective homebuyer in search of a healthy, comfortable, durable home that can help save the planet and save you money on your utility bills?

As a nationally recognized green building program, LEED® for Homes recognizes exceptional environmental performance in the construction of low-rise (1-3 stories) and mid-rise (4-9 stories) residential buildings. Delivered in Canada by the Canadian Green Building Council since 2009, thousands of homes have completed certification in the LEED® for Homes program to help create better living spaces for us and the crucial ecosystem that sustains us.

The LEED® for Homes certification is points-based, and offers 4 levels of certification, providing customization and flexibility:

• Certified
• Silver
• Gold
• Platinum

A home's environmental performance is measured in 8 distinct categories:

1 - Innovation & Design Process: design and planning phase
2 - Location & Linkages: locating the spthe placement of homes in socially and environmentally responsible way.
3 - Sustainable Sites: the use of the entire property so as to minimize the project’s impact on the site.
5 - Water Efficiency: Water-efficient practices, both indoor and outdoor.
6 - Energy & Atmosphere: Energy efficiency, particularly in the building envelope and heating and cooling design.
7 - Materials & Resources: Efficient utilization of materials, sustainable sourcing of products, and minimization of waste.
8 - Indoor Environmental Quality: Reducing combustion and radon hazards, enhanced ventilation and comfort.
9 - Awareness & Education: Homeowner education and training, public outreach.

Mindscape is a licensed Service Provider for LEED® for Homes, and has extensive experience with supporting the successful certification of projects in Ontario and elsewhere. We are keen to help you succeed with your next LEED® for Homes project, please contact us using the form below to learn more.
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