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Green building programs such as BUILT GREEN®, LEED®, and the National Green Building Standard recognize buildings incorporating high performance and environmentally preferable practices. These programs continue to gain awareness and credibility among industry, regulators and the general public, as concern grows over the large environmental impact of standard building construction practices. Designers are looking for strategies to stand out from the crowd and create a more positive outcome both for the environment, our pocketbook, and our health.

Many aspects of building design and construction are being scrutinized for their compatibility with green building standards; whether its VOC emissions, recycled content, or energy efficiency, there are several possibilities for building products to differentiate their contribution towards a building’s overall environmental performance. Knowing how your product contributes is powerful knowledge you can leverage when advising clients.

Mindscape provides meaningful third party assessments and consulting support to help suppliers understand how their products perform in various, well-established green building programs. We identify specific areas where products may contribute towards earning points, as well as opportunities for future product development to enhance this contribution. We clarify what you are and aren't allowed to say when marketing the merits of your products. We are recognized experts in the field of green building design. In addition to having certified buildings in numerous industry leading green building programs, we have extensive experience providing product manufacturers and suppliers with the education, tools and training they need to confidently identify and communicate their products’ environmental strengths.

Let us help you make environmental claims that are credible, third party verified, and written in a comprehensive format that building design teams will recognize and respect.
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