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The biggest mistake people make about energy is paying for it! Let us help you start saving today by showing you the low-cost and no-cost items that you can implement to start saving immediately. Mindscape offers all three ASHRAE level energy audits, as well as lower cost options to meet your specific needs:

1) Consultation: Discuss your building and get direction on completing your own simplified audit

2) Pre-Audit: Provide us with at least one years worth of utility bills, building specifications or drawings and we'll provide you with a pre-audit report indicating energy density, comparison to similar buildings, and a few early energy conservation measures to explore.

3) ASHRAE Level 1: High level walk through of your facility in conjunction with a utility and building analysis to determine the most observable energy conservation measures to pursue.

4) ASHRAE level 2: Detailed audit including a utility analysis, building simulation to compare anticipated versus actual energy consumption, inventories of the mechanical, lighting, and plug loads, recommendations and calculations of the savings that can be achieved through various Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

5) ASHRAE level 3: Detailed audit of your facility that includes all the elements of a Level 2 audit, but utilizes the installation of temporary meters on site to measure specific process equipment and/or areas to enhance the level of analysis.

Tell us about your building and we would be pleased to contact you with a free quote.
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