2015-2016 Budget Request Form
Please be as clear, accurate, and detailed as possible.
Save all entries in a word/google doc.
Please try to follow the following format:

Funds Requested
What funding will be used for/what will occur at the event
If not related to a specific event please categorize these items under MISC

*Please make sure to clearly separate each event/item. Budgets that are difficult to read will be sent back.

Budget Guidelines

Please do not request more than these amounts for the following items

● Fundraising items/materials will be funded on a case by case basis.
● Meals: $7.00 for breakfast, $11.00 for lunch, $20.00 for dinner.
These amounts are per person. As such, you must provide an accurate number of people requiring a meal at each event.
● Clothing: ½ of the total cost.
You need to provide the number of individuals getting an item and the cost of the item.
Clothing giveaways (i.e. not for members) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
No more than ONE exclusive event/dance/function requiring a hall rental will be allowed for each org per semester. Multiple events may be allowed provided they are open to all Merrimack students to attend, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Formal Dinners/Dances
● Hall Rentals: $500, If the hall rental is waived due to dinner, you may only request the dinner costs.
● Recruitment Activities: $90 per semester.
● DJs: $500
● Buses: $600 per bus.
● Conferences:
$1000 per year for conference fees/registrations/etc.
Orgs will need to fundraise or request a supplemental budget if said club wishes to go on more than one trip during the year
● Travel:
Transportation: Based on need please provide best estimate in this section. If within driving distance Merrimack College vans should be used.
Hotel: $800
Orgs may also request meals per diem for conferences.
● Misc - any item requested that falls into this category must have supporting information of cost, and explanation of need. Links to websites are helpful in this section. To be funded please provide as much detail as possible.
●Gifts - $25 per person for special events. If more is needed please explain why. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
For Greek Life Organizations:
● Ritual items/materials will not be funded unless proper approval from SGA and OSI has been received.
Events that are not open to the entire Merrimack company may receive little to no funding.

Name of Organization *
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Number of members currently active in your organization *
Please provide us with an accurate number
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Executive Board Members *
Please list the members for '15-'16, including Advisor
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Mission Statement *
Please provide us with your organization's mission statement
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End of the year report *
Please provide us with a summary of your accomplishments over the past year. What went well? What would you do differently? What is your action plan for continuing to grow and improve your organization next year?
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Contact person Merrimack e-mail address *
This email will be used to notify your organization of their allocation summary. Please ensure he or she will be active in your organization next year.
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