Service Survey
Essentially this service is designed to get employees to work at a maximum effort by using incentives. Employees will be more likely to give their best at work if they are being rewarded. Some of the incentives can vary anywhere to bonus checks to electronics to new furniture and much more. Also food carts and catering will be provided so that employee’s won’t have to spend so much time going out for lunch, as well as walkable desks for people who like to get up and take a quick break to get their legs moving. This will solve the problem of any work that isn’t being completed. I think this a substantial way for any businesses to flourish and be on top of the game.
Have you ever felt like you had no motivation sometimes?
Would you be motivated if you were to be rewarded for good work?
How old are you?
What is your Gender?
Do you own a business?
Would you be interested in this service?
How much would you pay to incorporate this service into your business?
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