Learning in School
Survey on learning in school and how it can improve.
How do you think school could get better? *
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I there a piece of tech that would make learning more fun or easier?
3D Printer, microphone, ect.
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Do you play an instrument?
If so does lessons and band/orchestra cut away from homework time?
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What time of day do you learn best?
Select 1-2
Do you usually know when assignments and tests are due?
How do you think learning in general should get better? *
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Any other problems that could be fixed? *
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Do you think recess is long enough?
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Do you think learning is fun?
If not how should learning get more fun?
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What classes do you like? Why?
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How much time did you spend on this survey? *
hopefully more than 1 min?
What form of learning is best for you?
How difficult is school for you? *
Really Hard
Do you like when teachers have webpages?
Like when you get your homework off the webpage.
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What do you think of homework?
Too hard? Too much? Not enough time?
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What classes do you not like? Why?
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Do you like any special(s) more than other(s)?
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