K Heist Gr 3-4 Student Survey
This teacher likes when I ask questions.
This teacher makes me feel that s/he really cares about me.
If I am sad or angry, this teacher helps me feel better.
This teacher gives me time to explain my ideas.
This teacher is clear about the behavior s/he expects.
I stay busy and do not waste time when I work with this teacher.
I know what I should be doing and learning when I work with this teacher.
This teacher explains difficult things clearly.
I understand what I am supposed to be learning.
I learn a lot almost every day when I work with this teacher.
This teacher wants me to think hard about the work I do.
This teacher accepts nothing less than my full effort.
I like the things I learn about when I work with this teacher.
This teacher always thinks that I can learn whatever s/he teaches.
This teacher asks questions to be sure I am following along when s/he is teaching.
This teacher wants me to explain my answers -- why I think what I think.
This teacher tells me what I am learning and why.
This teacher wants me to share my thoughts.
When s/he is teaching me, this teacher asks me whether I understand.
When I learn something new, this teacher asks me what I already know about it.
When this teacher gives me feedback, s/he tells me how I can make my work better.
This teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day.
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